• St Johns Wort Oil is so soothing to muscles and also a nervine
  • Hand Select from Wildcrafted Flowers in Pristine Northern Plains/Woodland edge Areas to maximize quality
  • Opaque Strorage Jug to protect the oil from Light and preserve freshness
  • Deep Red Burgundy in Color, High hypericin content

Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum | Plant Part: Flowers | Infused In: Pure
Olive Oil | Standardization: 20% dry herb/L of oil | Common Uses: Infused St.
John's Wort has always been commonly used in infused oil, and was an integral
part of every European herb garden throughout the centuries. Please note: Our
St Johns Wort oil is suitable for massage, herbalist and cosmetic
applications and is produced using fresh flowers and herbs and hence the deep
red color. Red color is possible only when fresh flowers are used in the
summer season. ( For this reason, the premium red colored St Johns Wort tend
to be vastly more expensive).
St Johns Wort Infused Oil 1 Gallon Bulk | Olive Oil Base | Therapeutic Massage

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