Choice Herbs for a Quick Recovery from a Cold or Flu

Choice Herbs for a Quick Recovery from a Cold or Flu

Anne Sangemino

Do you have a favorite herbal regimen you go to when you are fighting a cold, flu, or Covid-19? I do. There are a lot of whole herbs to choose from in the herbal pharmacopeia that work for a cold or flu. My choice of herbs to fight the infection and to regain my strength and energy reserve after the attack; are the same herbs I have used for over 40 years. There is less stress on my nervous system taking these herbs so I can rest, which is a necessity to heal quickly. I choose these herbs because they strengthen my immune system, exhaust, diminish the virus and restore my vital energy reserve by relieving inflammation and shortening the life span of the infection.  

For a scratchy sore throat, my choice is the anti-viral herbs because they wipe out the influx of the virus. Elderflower tea with Echinacea flowers is a combination I use, Elder Flower Tincture and Echinacea Tincture I do separately and alternate with the tea if the sore throat is persistent. Drink an ounce of the decoction at a time. I take about 5 drops of the tinctures at a time about every two hours. If it spreads to my lymph nodes and my body spikes a fever, elderflower breaks a fever and stimulates the filtration system of the glands, so they drain which brings the swelling, fever, and pain level. Where there is pain with any infection our body releases stress hormones which cause more inflammation and congestion. Reishi a tonic herb supports a healthy balance for the endocrine system preventing the release of stress hormones on our internal and external nervous systems.  

When it hits my head the inflammation and vascular headaches start. Bee Balm tea is my choice, which I drink at room temperature. I continue taking the Elder, Echinacea, and Reishi tinctures throughout the duration of the cold, flu, and or Covid-19.  

Covid-19 releases a nasty sepsis toxin that attacks the weakest systems and organs. Pau D Arco has a detoxifying effect and restores health. It also reduces the symptoms and may eliminate chronic conditions. Also, chronic congestion in the lung's elecampane root in a decoction or the tincture breaks up sticky mucous and inflammation in the lungs. If your stomach is nauseous from a nasty virus or cold, elecampane will relieve nausea and aids digestion. It contains inulin which settles upset stomachs.  

Fresh oranges are an excellent choice to eat or drink while fighting a cold, flu, or Covid-19. They neutralize acidity. Viruses grow in an acidic environment.  

Five Trees Aroma Mist, a recent blend, I spray in my hands and rub over sore or swollen lymph nodes. Since a lot of lymph nodes are in our armpits, I wear the 5 Trees Aroma Mist as a deodorant. Some of the world's most valued essential oils used to comfort and protect us are found in the 5 Trees essential oil blend, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Clove, Tea Tree, and Frankincense.  

Before we can be of any benefit to help others, we must care for ourselves. Raising three children has proven to me the value of an herbal regimen. Along with a good herbal regimen are good nutrition, exercise, and a good night's sleep. Keeping up with 4 young grandchildren requires the same herbal regimen in the mature years of life: not just for my own health but for theirs. 

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