A superior organic moisturizer! A moisturizing cream which builds new skin fiber (tissue) and collagen

Tanning Cream 8 oz  "Bronze"
Tanning Cream 8 oz "Bronze"
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Product Description


The ultimate organic treat for your skinís hydration and moisture barrier. This is a necessary advantage while your outdoors working or relaxing and enjoying full sun. Tanning Cream is also a moisturizing cream which builds new skin fiber (tissue) and collagen. Enjoy this cream for your daily conditioning routine.

Directions while enjoying the sunshine.

Moisturizing cream should have a shiny appearance on the surface of the Skin when your are in full sunlight. Reapply when the skin looses the sheen. Stay hydrated for healthy beauty.

Ingredients: Red Raspberry Seed Oil (24 - 38) Protection. A Natural Component Of Red Raspberry Seed Oil. Also, Contains Carrot Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil For Its Rich Zinc Supplement. Lavender Oil and Infused Calendula Oil; protect and repair the skin when exposed to too much sun!