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Rose Geranium Hydrosol: For a mini spa hydrotherapy.

Rose Geranium
The vitality is released when Rose Geranium is applied to our skin. This natural cosmetic, Rose Geranium's hydrotherapy attracts moisture to our skin mantle to hydrated with the plant's vitality. This synergistic cosmetic refreshes, stops hot flashes, instills feelings of joy, and you reflect a lovely radiant glow. As in nature, hydrotherapy is a natural synergism. Live plants absorb the morning dew, a reflection of the sun's wavelengths process energy, and the mist is absorbed, becoming part of the plants vitality. The flower's natural pigments and colors are a reflection of their beauty which we all enjoy. A refreshing energy is released when you mist any time of day. Rose Geranium Hydrosol is a balancing adaptogen for oily, dry, complicated, problem prone, and sensitive skin.

The moisturizing cream, used daily over several weeks, will combat rough and dry skin on elbows and knees and even calluses on hands or feet. The essential oil is absorbed through your hair follicles and sweat glands relieving hot flashes as you wear the moisturizer, and breathe in the aroma on your hands.

As a very cooling, anti-inflammatory, geranium calms sunburn, rash, insect bites, and topical conditions where heat is present. It is also effective on skin conditions with redness, such as broken capillaries, and rashes on the skin.

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