Patchouli Shampoo & Body Cosmetic Bar

Patchouli Shampoo Body Bar
Patchouli Shampoo Body Bar
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Product Description

Patchouli shampoo and aloe vera has an effective synergistic benefit for the scalp. The vitality of these two botanical extracts will cleanse the scalp of irritating, flaky skin. Patchouli shampoo cleansing bar may work with the immune system to shed the skin of toxins that store under the skin. The cleansing 'All In one" shampoo bar aids the immune system to combat skin blemishes, cellulite, scalp problems, itching, and weeping wounds. Accelerate the vitality Patchouli essential oil reserves, by wearing our Patchouli cream, Patchouli Lotion (Ultimate Tonic), and the Patchouli massage oil.