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5 Step SkinCare Guardian Facial System

5 Step SkinCare Guardian Facial System
Item# 29790352


 Five-Step Facial System

Anna's Secret Renewal Cleansing Lotion 4 oz. The Cleansing Lotion is temporarily unavailable. We substituted the Wild Yam Cleansing Bar. This soap is botanically enhanced with Wild Yam extract, a gentle moisturizing cleanser made with Evening Primrose & Borage Oils, to reconstruct our skin tissue, and soothe our skin with Jojoba and the Exquisite aroma's of Egyptian Geranium and East European Lavender Essential Oils. All these nutrients work to balance, moisturize and detox our skin. The price has been adjusted to reflect the price difference of the lotion.

Clarifying Toner Hydrosol 4 oz

Anna's Secret Renewal Botanical Serum 4oz

Anna's Secret Skin Repairing Serum 2oz

Rose Geranium Hydrosol 4 oz.


The Vitality in Anna's Secret Cleansing Lotion Is an Astringent. It Has a Gentle Stimulating Sensation. Just Enough So You Know It Is Cleansing the Pores. This Cleansing Lotion Does Not Lather. It Does Hydrate and Moisturize. Facial: Wet Complexion, Apply Lotion in Your Hand and Wash. Rinse and Towel Dry. Make Up Remover: Apply Lotion to Cotton Pad and Wipe Clean. Use Q Tips for Detailed Areas; Under Eye Lids.

TONE Hydrosol: Gentle Yet Effective. Spray About 6" From Face. Let the Hydrosol Absorb into Your Complexion and Prime Skin Tissue by Separating the Fiber. Toning Hydrosols, Prepare the Skin for Deeper Absorption of The Serum.


Anna's Secret Skin Renewal Serum with Jojoba: Restores A Healthy Complexion, By Eliminating an Influx of Pimples. Dissolves Clogged Pores and Excess Sebum. Jojoba Contains 81% Iodine A Natural Antiseptic. Restores Elasticity, Hydrates and Moisturizes, Cleans Pores and Clears Up the Complexion. Exceptional for All Skin Types. Restores Supple Soft Skin and Moisturizes. Before Bed Cleanse Your Face and Apply Anna's Secret Skin Renewal Serum.

DIRECTION: Spray 1 Squirt in Your Hand and Spread Evenly on Your Hand, Rub on Your Face. Repeat.


Restores Healthy Skin as It's Absorbing Essential Fatty Acids and Nutrients to Keep the Skin Hydrated. This Serum, Seals in Moisture and Protects the Skin from Dehydration, Smooths Out Wrinkles and Moisturizes Dry Flaky Skin, Removes Dead Cell Clusters. Anna's Secret Repairing Serum May Reduce Fine Lines and Scar Tissue, Tone and Tighten Loose Skin, And Moisturize and Hydrate Rough Dry Sun Damaged Skin. Use Anna's Secret Repair Serum During the Day and Before Bed. It Is Light, And Absorbs Quickly. Works Great Worn Under Make-Up.


Rose Geranium Hydrosol Is Beneficial For All Skin Types. For Dehydrated Skin, Use Through Out the Day. When the Atmosphere Is Hot and Dry. Use Through Out the Day. Rose Geranium Hydrosol Freshens the Look of Make-up. Just Spray Over the Make-up, It Will Bring the Make-up, Natural Color Back Out. Use Any Time and Enjoy the Light Fresh Smell of Roses.

Five-Step Facial System 2979035
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